Hair Loss Myths

Male Hair Loss Myths

There are many misconceptions about hair loss, and it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Here, we get to the bottom of a few of the most common hair loss myths.

Myth #1: Hair loss is caused by poor circulation.
Various remedies claim to reverse hair loss by boosting circulation to the scalp, but the fact is that blood flow is not related to hair loss and increased blood flow does not cause hair to grow. Case in point: Hairs transplanted to balding areas thrive and grow, proving that circulation in balding areas is no different than other areas of the scalp.

Myth #2: Hair loss is caused by clogged follicles.
Clogged hair follicles lead to ingrown hairs, not hair loss. Shampoos and other hair-care products that claim to open these pores do not stop hair loss or regrow hair.

Myth #3: Hair loss is caused by poor nutrition.
While certain deficiencies in your diet can cause temporary hair shedding, hair-care products and supplements that claim to nourish the scalp and provide your hair with extra vitamins and minerals does not stop hair loss and will not reverse hair loss.

Myth #4: Hair loss is caused by mites and other organisms.
One of the latest myths about hair loss blames mites or other organisms for hair loss. Although mites can be found on the scalp (and in our beds and pillows) there is no proven link between these organisms and hair loss, and products that claim to kill them do not regrow hair.


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