Hair Loss in Women: Why Women Lose Hair

Hair Loss in Women: It’s in Our Genes

DHT is the root cause of both male and female hair loss.

From styling to coloring, women pay a lot of attention to their hair, but hair loss in women isn’t often talked about. Even if a woman is the only one who notices her thinning hair, this can have a big impact on her self-esteem-and she is reminded every time she looks in the mirror. Some women go as far as to start wearing extensions or wigs as hair loss progresses, but Revivogen® is an effective solution for hair loss in women, too. DHT is the root cause of female hair loss, and Revivogen’s natural anti-DHT ingredients stop thinning and hair loss at the source, prompting the follicles to produce healthy, strong hair once again.

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1. Testosterone enters the hair follicle cells through gateways known as androgen receptors. Inside the cell Testosterone undergoes enzymatic reactions. A byproduct of this process, Di-Hydro Testosterone (DHT) is the root cause of hair loss.

dermatologist recommended2. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR) is present within the hair follicle cells. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT.

revivogen bio cleansing shampoo3. DHT interacts with the DNA of the hair follicle cells, activates the hair loss genes and inhibits normal hair growth.

naturally thicken hair4. Hair production slows, the hair follicles atrophy and produce finer, thinner hairs. Eventually over time the hair production stops completely and the hair follicles die.