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Aspartame and Hair Loss – Why Avoiding Chemicals is Key

aspartame and hair loss

Low calorie … all chemical.

It’s common knowledge that aspartame, ie. fake sugar, is bad for us. There have been studies that it causes cancer and is overall poison for the body. There have also been studies done that dispute that aspartame causes all these symptoms and diseases as well. So while it’s difficult to prove one side or the other, it’s much better to have a discussion about aspartame, it’s components and the possible side effects it can have on the body, such as hair loss.

Fake sugars, or chemically derived sweeteners, can sometimes have adverse effects on the body. While this is not true for every single person that has ever ingested aspartame or sucralose – it is possible that it could affect our health, and the health of our hair. The common consumed aspartame-filled option is Diet Coke. While it may contain less calories, it may not be the best option for your health. According to a article, aspartame has an interesting repuation. In 1974, the FDA approved the aspartame in carbonated beverages (Diet Coke) but then in 1975 the FDA took back that approval after several questionable studies surfaced about the effects it has on the body. Then again in 1983, aspartame was again approved in carbonated beverages. The Centers for Disease Control have brought the risks of aspartame to the public and the FDA themselves reported nearly 92 symptoms related to aspartame consumption.

Aspartame and Hair Loss

The connection between aspartame and hair loss is not exactly known. According to the article, some people who noticed hair loss were drinking considerable amounts of diet soda, for example. And since aspartame has shown to have other effects on health, it makes sense that it would also affect the healthy growth cycle of the hair follicles – and could even cause hair loss as well.

The Solution?

The solution is to try to eliminate chemicals in the body as much as possible. Drinking one diet coke is not going to cause hair loss, but constantly consuming chemicals from fake sugars, and synthetic chemicals in our shampoos, conditioners and hair loss treatments can have long term effects on the body. With chemicals, less is always more.

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