There is no denying that hair loss has psychological effects on self-esteem and how one feels about their outward appearance. And let’s face it – no one wants to go bald. The truth is that hair loss does make us look older and it’s not easy to hide. But millions of men and women experience the condition and yet, it is still not widely discussed as something that is difficult to cope with in our lives.

Thinning hair can come in many stages and we can lose our hair at all different rates. Androgenetic alopecia affects about 95% of hair loss in men, according to the American Hair Loss Association. And of the 50 million Americans experiencing some kind of hair loss, 45% of those are women. One way to cope with the hair loss is to seek out advice and information. Are there treatment options available? What is causing your hair loss to begin with? Once you can understand what is causing the condition and if there are any available treatment options, that is when the relief sets in. Below are a few ways to cope with your hair loss.

1. Breathe and Find a Treatment Option
Researching various treatment options for your hair loss is a good way to cope with the condition – as it provides some sort of hope or solution to the problem. And you feel less powerless.

2. Start Some Sort of Treatment Sooner Rather Than Later
With genetic hair loss, the sooner a treatment is started, the better chance you have at saving the hair against hair loss in the future

3. Diagnose the Problem
Sometimes, the hair loss you are experiencing may not be genetic. It could be due to some other medical condition or lifestyle choice such as diet or lack of certain nutrients or vitamins. Make sure to explore all options of what is causing your hair loss so when you do decide to seek treatment, you are choosing a treatment that will actually work.

4. Visit the Barber or Hair Stylist
This seems a bit odd to go cut off more hair if you are losing your hair already – but sometimes a certain style of haircut can only make your hair loss look more obvious. Going to a stylist who can help you with styling tricks and recommend certain products that will make your hair appear fuller will be a big boost of confidence.

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