A recent study published in the BMJ Open indicated a link between hair loss and heart disease. Simply stated: the more hair, the healthier the heart. This long study that indicates that balding men are at a higher risk for heart disease has been going around on the internet these last few days – but don’t rush to the Doctor just yet. Although the study concluded that men suffering from hair loss may indicate a heart risk, the results were modest at best. Compared to the effects smoking, obesity and high blood pressure have on the heart, a thinning crown area will not necessarily indicate that you will have a heart attack or heart problems.

Good News For Young Men Experiencing Hair Fall

The study, although it had modest results for the link between hair loss and heart disease, is good for younger men experiencing hair fall at an early age to try to reduce some of the risks associated with heart problems. They may be at a higher risk for developing heart conditions later on in life, if they were to say start smoking, said researcher Tomohide Yamada of the University of Tokyo in Japan, in a USA Today article.

Simply put, at the end of the day the only indicators for heart problems and disease will be health history, cholesterol and blood pressure – and also lifestyle choices that affect the heart health. Since hair loss affects, oh, about 40% of the male population (we’re talking millions) all of them should not go read about this study and then run to their doctor for cardiac testing, said Yamada.

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