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Last year was a challenging year. I switched jobs and as a result took on a lot more responsibility, hours, and stress. It was a great career move, but I started finding myself at the office for 10-11 hours a day. I had no time to exercise and barely had time to eat. A few months into my new “dream job” I started noticed my hair was falling out. Not just the normal shedding I have always experienced, but a lot of hair. Soon, I had barely any hair at all in certain areas. Not only was this a problem because it was really hurting my self-esteem, but it also had the potential to affect my career. To be in the high level position I am in, I need to maintain my confidence and appearance.


Of course I panicked and went to see a dermatologist for a solution. Turns out I have female pattern hair loss and my increased level of stress, along with a poor diet were just scapegoats for my underlying condition. I had never even heard of that happening but now it was happening to me. I thought my Mom and Aunt just had naturally thin hair but after talking to them about my diagnosis, they shared that they had hair loss and just use tons of products to hide it. Fortunately, my dermatologist told me about a natural hair loss treatment for women that would work and get me the results I wanted, my healthy hair back.


I’ve been using Revivogen MD for 5 months now and I am so happy with the results. My hair is back to normal and looks thicker and fuller. I use the bio-cleansing shampoo and thickening conditioner every day and the Natural Scalp Therapy Thinning Hair Serum every night diligently and I love it. I also started working a more reasonable schedule and making sure I don’t skip lunch so that helps. I’m so glad this product was recommended to me. I hope you’ll try it.


Lynn K., Oregon, Guest Blogger