Making Hair Grow Faster

Making Hair Grow Faster

The Science of Hair Growth

Can you make your hair grow faster? Is there a magic ingredient or vitamin that will give you long flowing locks in less time? Well...

It's a question anyone with fine or thinning hair - or an unexpectly short haircut - is bound to ask. Can I make my hair grow faster? There are certainly plenty of products on the market claiming to help hair grow fast - inches in two weeks! - but what's actually true? Let's separate fact from fiction.

Patience may be a virtue, but it is always in short supply. Especially when it comes to hair growth. In order to give you a little insight (and to pass the time while you wait for your follicles to move it along, already), let’s go over the science of hair growth.

Much like everything in nature, hair growth happens on a cycle. There’s the growth phase (your favorite), the resting phase (it just hangs around, doing nothing, making you bonkers) and the shedding phase (worst of all!). Each follicle on your head is at a different point in the cycle. Every day, for the average person, about 100 follicles hit the shedding phase. We may as well call it the drain-clogging phase.


Female Hair Growth

I thought I'd be in a wig by now at almost 50, since I started shedding in my 20s. I only wished I'd started it sooner, since it is best at prevention rather than reviving, in my opinion. The hair that I lost many many years ago is gone for good. But using this for the last year has totally helped.

Marge, Revivogen PRO customer

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So, you want your hair to grow faster?

So, you want your hair to grow faster? Technically, you cannot make your hair grow faster. The rate at YOUR individual follicles grow cannot be alternated by science. However, Revivogen Scalp Therapy has been shown to keep hair follicles in the growth or resting phase for users who show signs of Androgenic Alopecia (Male/Female Pattern Baldness). So, while the speed of which the hair grows is the same as always, by keeping hair in the growth phase it creates the appearance of faster hair growth.

Happy to notice that after about 3 - 4 months, I'm seeing fuller hair! Love the monthly program. The Scalp Therapy lasts AT LEAST a month, even with daily use.

Lu, Revivogen Customer

“Revivogen Scalp Therapy is like a stop sign for the shedding phase,” explains Dr. Alan Shargani, President of Advanced Skin & Hair. “At this time, we only have data on those with the hair loss gene, so I can’t say whether it works on other circumstances.”

What about supplements and hair-growth vitamins for growing hair faster? Nope. Not gonna help. If you have even a semi-balanced diet, then your body already has what it needs to grow hair. Adding extra vitamins and nutrients is a waste. They won’t be utilized. Your body uses what it needs to grow hair and then gets rid of the rest. It’s also important to note that hair growth supplements and vitamins are not FDA-regulated so who knows what you are really getting?!

One thing you can do to improve the look of hair and quality of the growth you get - Keep hair in a healthy condition. Starting with the scalp, remove build-up and prevent itchy irritation by using the right shampoo. Thinning, delicate hair benefits from a gentle, sulfate-free, paraben-free formula like Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo. Increase circulation and get an extra deep clean once a week with PRO exfoliating scalp cleanser. Breakage and split ends hinder the appearance of longer, fuller hair. Use a conditioner every time you get your hair wet and use a hair mask at least once a week.

While anyone who claims that they can “speed up hair growth” is taking advantage - most likely to sell something, there are ways to slow down shedding and decrease breakage. So, patience and consistency are needed, but with Revivogen you can immediately take steps toward healthier hair that will have you feeling better about your appearance and looking at a thicker, fuller head of hair as excess shedding stops and health hair follicles do their thing.


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