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It’s one of the most festive and anticipated holidays of the year, and you are concerned not only about hiding your thinning hair for your costume, but the rumors around wigs causing hair loss. This week, we are breaking down the facts for you to have a better understanding of the do’s and don’ts of wig-wearing.

Did you know Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

Wigs Cause Hair Loss. Most of the damage occurs when the wig attaches to the hair for stability. This causes the already thin and fragile hair to either be pulled from the follicle or damaged further. Wigs are flexible to wear and you can use for short periods of time, but, if you use it regularly it can prevent the flow of blood circulation to the scalp which causes hair loss. Halloween and costume wigs can also cause dry, flaky, and hot scalp problems.

Health problems related to wigs and hair glue…

Wearing a wig can cause headaches and wigs cause hair loss, if a wig does not fit right or is not worn appropriately. It can also place extra pressure on the head and end up causing headaches. Glue extensions and double sided tape are often used with wigs. Unfortunately, they can cause damage that is often permanent. The glue can block your scalp pores and damage your hair follicles as well as burn and dry out your hair. Heavy extensions pull on your scalp which can cause a noticeable thinning in hair which means that wigs cause hair loss. It is difficult to clean your scalp with glue extensions in it creating unhealthy hair. Sometimes hair extensions can cause headaches and bald spots, as well.

Things to take note of when wearing a wig:

Wearing wigs may damage even healthy hair and cause hair loss if certain precautions aren’t taken:

  • Make sure your hair is cleaned and conditioned regularly.

  • Before putting on the wig, taking the time to style and position your hair to fit under the wig, instead of simply jamming it under the wig, to prevent both breakage and hair loss.

  • For those who are bald or balding, wearing a synthetic hair alternative lead to scalp health problems because it won’t get the natural oils it needs and will end up very dry, which is not beneficial to your cause.

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