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Meet Dr. Khadavi

Dr. Khadavi is a board-certified dermatologist with two full-time practices in the Los Angeles area. Besides treating thousands of patients, including many actors and models, he works in academia as well. But his greatest passion is formulating products that address common issues (hair loss, acne, aging) in completely unique ways.

In his own words:

 I was nineteen years old and I was an undergraduate researcher at UCLA. When everything was going so great for me, doing well in school and doing a lot of great research I began to realize that I was losing my own hair.

I was working out in the gym and you know the gym has tons of mirrors all around. I was going back to do my set and I see low and behold, I’m losing my hair. It was a horrible revelation and it sat on me for an hour and when I went home I realized my father and my uncle were both bald. I panicked and I asked myself 'Am I going to become old looking like my dad and my uncle?' I really had to do something about it. 

Thankfully during that time we began to realize, through a lot of scientific investigation in the 1990s, that hair loss is an inherited condition and it can be reversed by reducing certain things within the hair follicles. I worked in the laboratory and I researched and read a lot of books and I visited the best hair loss surgeons and dermatologists around the country. We began to realize that if we utilize certain natural ingredients, we're able to reverse the hormone byproduct (DHT) that causes hair loss. And we're able to reverse the hair back to the way it was three to five years ago. It brings me great joy that I can offer this solution to thousands and thousands of men and women, so they can feel more confident about their hair and avoid the treatments that are painful, expensive or have undesirable side effects.