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Subscription Program

Does Revivogen work? Yes, for 88% of users, hair shedding halts or slows, thin hairs become thicker and hair that has disappeared in the last two to five years grows back in. 

But it takes consistency. Scalp Therapy won't work if you keep it locked up in your medicine cabinet. Or if you forget to re-order and let months go by without it, letting DHT build up on your scalp and DESTROY the progress your hair has made.

With this is mind, we have created a subscription program that ensures that you'll never run low on the all-natural hair loss products that can give you back your confidence, while saving you money with subscription-only discounts. 

You can pause, modify or cancel your subscription at ANY TIME. You can manage your subscription here. Or you can also make changes to your subscription by calling our customer service at 310-443-9700 or by emailing 

 Just about every product in our store is available as a subscription! If you want to get a monthly (or bi-monthly) shipment of Scalp Therapy, try our Subscription-only Scalp Therapy. For only $27 a month, you can have a bottle of DHT-fighting serum delivered straight to your door.

$26 all natural hair loss subscription