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Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Travel Kit

Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Travel Kit

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Revivogen MD one month Scalp Therapy travel kit to help you maintain your hair's progress with the Scalp Therapy Treatment Kit. Includes 1 2oz. Scalp Therapy Serum with sprayer, 1 2oz. Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and 1 2oz. Thickening Conditioner in clear, travel friendly zip bag.

Revivogen MD one month supply travel kit is to be used for traveling when the full sizes cannot be used. Users can expect to maintain their results achieved with the full size treatment products. After 1 month of treatment users will only notice that their hair looks thicker and fuller. One month of treatment will not result in regrowth. Improvement in shedding occurs after 3 months. Growth of thicker and fuller hair can only be experienced after 6-9 months of treatment and maximum results are achieved after 12 -18 months of treatment.



If you enjoy using this travel kit please purchase the 3 month supply set to see further improvement in your hair and scalp.


You will not grow your hair back with this treatment set, this is for travel purposes only.

Customer Reviews

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Scientifically Driven with Real Results

I discovered Revivogen in college when I was experiencing some major hair loss. After continuing to use it as recommended, I have been able to grow longer and healthier hair. I don't experience hair loss in the shower anymore and friends and family have all started to notice the difference. It even helped my hairline!

Very pleased with the results

I started noticing hair thinning about 5 years ago, and have used other products (Rogaine, LLLT), which helped but left my hair dry and frizzy and not very full. I added Revivogen to my hair loss prevention plan, and noticed a big difference. My hair is softer and fuller. (Two pictures are a few months before Revivogen, and two were taken about a year after starting it. I can't tell the order that they will appear in this review, but you can probably tell the before and after.) The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. I put it on overnight, and it isn't so bad because I don't have to smell it much. I will never stop using it.

Still not sure, but hopeful.

4+ months in and I cannot say that I’ve seen massive changes, but I can say that I read many other reviewers opinions about Revivogen not working to full affect until many months (up to 18) before getting strong results. So, I’m remaining disciplined & hopeful. We’ll see... I actually really like the smell though as odd at that may be. Also, I can say that is seems my hair loss has not gotten worse.


Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy (3 Month Supply)

Too early to judge

I have been using Revivogen MD scalp serum for 50 days as directed. I have yet to notice any change from baseline, but I am committed to the regimen for now.