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Revivogen PRO Scalp 3-Piece Monthly Subscription

Revivogen PRO Scalp 3-Piece Monthly Subscription

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This Revivogen PRO monthly kit includes a 2 ounce bottle of Scalp Therapy Serum with spray nozzle, a 2 ounce Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and a 2 ounce Thickening Conditioner, all packaged in a travel-friendly clear zip bag.

For just $32.50 a month, you can defeat the DHT on your scalp that is causing thinning. With consistent use, 88% of users in clinical trials experienced thicker, fuller hair. 

If you are purchasing this as your introduction to Revivogen, please be aware that after only one month of treatment users will see minimal, if any, results. One month of treatment will not result in regrowth. Improvement in shedding occurs after three months. Growth of thicker and fuller hair can only be experienced after six to nine months of treatment and maximum results are achieved after 12 -18 months of treatment.



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Highly recommend

I’ve slowly but surely seen progress on my hair regrowth. I’ve been using the products for several months and I am starting to see new hair growth beginning to come out of the scalp.

He best treatment

Since I started using revivogen I no longer lose my hair.

Excellent product

Great product to reduce hair shedding! I was losing handfuls of hair after shampooing! Revivogen has helped my hair shedding tremendously!! Non drying! The only product that I have found to reduce hair from shedding and drying my hair out!
Highly recommend revivogen pro!!!

I feel good with this shampoo

I feel very good with this shampoo. Cleanses well even in small doses (I use the amount of a hazelnut).


Revivogen PRO Three-Step Hair Loss Treatment