Significant difference in hair strand thickness, hair volume and strength.

Formulated by Board Certified Dermatologist, researcher and educator, Alex Khadavi, MD.

When used properly, Revivogen users have reported an 88% success rate.



Scalp Therapy

Our signature product is a topical leave-on serum that utilizes nature’s most powerful ingredients to combat hair loss. Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy blocks DHT to reduce shedding and stimulate growth.

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Bio-Cleansing Shampoo

We formulated our shampoo to be both gentle and deep-cleaning, to create the ideal scalp environment for treating hair loss, making it a perfect compliment to our Scalp Therapy serum.

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Thickening Conditioner

We set out to develop the ideal conditioner for thin hair, one that nourishes, reduces breakage, enhances shine and plumps the follicle for ultimate volume, all without weighing it down.

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Revivogen PRO

6 piece hair loss set

Revivogen PRO represents the first medically-formulated natural solution for thinning hair from the dermatologist office to the salon. Formulated by renowned dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD, Revivogen products have been successfully used to treat thinning hair in dermatology offices, hair transplant clinics, and pharmacies in the US and 40 countries worldwide. The PRO line also offers products that boost the effectiveness of the Scalp Therapy and improve the appearance of thin hair.

Dermatologist formulated natural solution for fine and thinning hair.  

A comprehensive,  proven product with a multifaceted approach to target the root cause of hair loss… 

Formulated with scientifically proven natural ingredients that works without systemic side effects. 

How Revivogen Helps

Revivogen is a dermatologist-formulated natural solution that combats the most common type of hair loss: male and female pattern baldness (Andorgenic Alopecia). Revivogen is formulated with natural ingredients that inhibit DHT, the hormonal byproduct that causes shedding.

What to Expect

Within six to eight weeks of using Revivogen one can expect a decrease in shedding and a difference in how their hair looks and feels. Within six to twelve months, the scalp looks fuller and denser as miniaturized hairs grow thicker and longer and become pigmented. Maximum benefit occurs within 12 to 18 months of continued use. Once maximum benefit is achieved, Revivogen can be used a few times a week to maintain results.

All Done Naturally

The natural ingredients in Revivogen include Alpha and Gamma Linolenic acid (ALA & GLA), Saw Palmetto Extract, Ethyl Laurate, Beta Sitosterol, Procyanidin Oligomers, Caffeine and Zinc Sulfate. The main ingredients in Revivogen, Alpha and Gamma Linolenic Acid, are proven to be the strongest natural DHT reducers known to man. The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Revivogen’s ingredients has been published in reputable medical journals and confirmed by independent studies.