The board certified dermatologists behind Revivogen's all natural hair loss solution sat down with the Morning News on CBS 2. Hair loss is very prevalent for both men and women. Over 50 percent of males experience hair loss at some point in their life. In addition, almost fifty percent of women will experience a degree of hair loss. Often times, hair loss is not noticed right away and is realized after a serious progression has already occurred.

Revivogen's creators are educating men and women about the signs of hair loss so they can detect it early enough to intervene with topical treatment. When caught in the early stages, hair loss can be reversed without resorting to procedures such as hair transplants.

Revivogen client, Barry Rogers, is a perfect example of the success Revivogen can yield. When he began noticing a receding hairline and thinning in his crown area, Barry decided to take control and begin treatment with Revivogen. Barry was able to stop his hair loss and begin to grow back areas that had previously thinned out. His early intervention with Revivogen allowed him to achieve the results he was looking for without resorting to a surgical procedure.

The Revivogen routine is extremely simple. Users apply the topical solution to their scalp every night before bed and wash it out in the morning. After about three months, most users are very pleased with the results they achieve. Even after hair is grown back, it is important to continue using Revivogen every other night to combat the hormones that cause hair loss.

The all natural ingredients in Revivogen are an important factor that sets Revivogen apart from other products. We made it a point to avoid adding any unnecessary chemicals to Revivogen that may result in unwanted side effects. Our solution allows you to regrow your own hair naturally, without resorting to surgical procedures like hair transplants.

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