The signs of aging can be very daunting for someone who is in their twenties and is not suppose to be concerned about aging at a rapid pace. But for some men, there are certain conditions that can creep up in the earlier years that can be difficult. Hair loss is typically a condition that is reserved for older men but younger men can also experience hair loss as well – and therefore seek hair loss treatments to combat it. Male pattern baldness is one of the more common causes of hair loss in men but younger men can also begin to experience the condition. Truthfully, hair loss does not happen in a day, as it’s a condition that progresses over time. Some men experience it a much faster rate than others.

Hair loss in young men may not just be genetic. There are other lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to the onset of hair loss in younger men (read this article by the Belgravia Centre about young male hair loss). Lifestyle factors such as stress from school and studies can have physical implications on the body, and since many men go through big changes in their life during their twenties – moving out, college, getting a job – these stressful situations can sometimes affect physical appearance and the health of the body. Other lifestyle choices such as smoking are said to affect the healthy growth pattern of the hair as well.

Hereditary hair loss is seen in younger men, and it has become more normal for men to seek hair loss treatments to combat their hair loss. There are natural hair loss treatments as well as medical options such as Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil). Since there are more and more natural and medical hair loss treatments available to men experiencing hair loss, this could be the reason that men are more mindful of their hairlines and are being more on top of the integrity of their hair.

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