While Revivogen is a great natural treatment option for thinning hair – there are other measures to take in addition to using Revivogen. There are some nutrients found in food for thicker hair.

A study was recently released by Cairo University linking Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss. The study focused mostly on women and found that women who were suffering from hair loss also had lower levels of iron and Vitamin D in their system. And as the levels lowered, the hair loss became more severe. Below are five foods to incorporate into your diet that are rich in iron and Vitamin D…

5 Iron-Rich Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet

  1. Red Meat

  2. Egg Yolks

  3. Lentils

  4. Artichokes

  5. Spinach

5 Vitamin D Enriched Foods to Start Eating

  1. Mushrooms

  2. Fortified Dairy Products

  3. Fish

  4. Cod Liver Oil

  5. Oysters

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