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Men and women both have their challenges in life, women have to suffer through hormonal mood swings every month, but men are much more likely to lose their hair (not sure which is worse though). So why are men more affected by hair loss than women?

Well, it has to do with a testosterone byproduct called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone is a male sex hormone and although women have it too, much higher levels are produced in men. So this byproduct, DHT and its effects on hair follicles, is the cause of 95% of cases of male pattern baldness, according to experts. And how much DHT a person produces is almost completely depends on their genetic make-up – although don’t be so quick to blame one parent over the other, it can be inherited from either (

So, sorry guys, but 85% of you will have lost your hair or started thinning by age 50, unless you do something about it. You have options! You don’t need to watch helplessly as you start to look like your dad or granddad. Start using Revivogen MD bio-cleansing shampoo and thickening conditioner and your hair will look thicker and fuller in no time and the first sign of thinning at the crown, down the part, the center, the front of the hair line, or the widows peak, get Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Serum. The natural ingredigents in the serum have been clinically proven to reduce DHT and restore the hair to its more youthful appearance. In fact, within 12 months you’ll notice your hair is as great as it was 3-5 years ago.


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