Over the past 5 years dermatologists, including the creators of Revivogen, have noticed that hair loss in men is discussed on a fairly frequent basis, especially when male celebrities are constantly shown in the media with thinning hair. Hair loss and hair thinning in women, on the other hand, is rarely discussed. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? Today, you’re in luck! We are going to break down the symptoms, causes, and treatments for hair loss in women over 25.

Hair Loss & Women: The Facts:

There are many factors that may contribute to hair loss, including overall-health, medication, infection, illness, weight fluctuation, but the most common form of hair loss for women is female patter hair loss or androgenetic alopecia which makes up 95% of all hair loss.

The fact of the matter is, Hair Loss & Women is talked about more often in regards to men, but women have just as much of a concern as males. There are hundreds of products, treatments, and hair extensions for women to add volume to their hair but typically the underlying cause is female pattern hair loss. This condition is commonly underdiagnosed as women blame the cause on many other factors and use a plethora of products to cover up the thinning areas.

What’s the most private is the most common.

Hair Loss & Women which is called female patterned hair loss is due to a genetic trait inherited from one or both, parents. Some cases start to develop in the early 20’s and develop into baldness after 5 years without proper treatment. Unlike men who develop a receding hairline in the front or at the crown, women tend to first notice thinning of their hair directly down the center where they part their hair.

What can you do to reverse and treat your hair loss?

Many women (an estimated 30 million Americans) who suffer from thinning hair and hair loss do so in silence, while trying to find a hairstyle that hides the majority of the problem area. If you are comfortable using volumizing root-booster sprays to camouflage your naturally thin hair, keep on keepin’ on!

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