Hair loss and self esteem are more related than one may initially think. Hair loss can be a very detrimental blow to a person’s self-esteem, both men and women alike. The initial discovery of hair loss is troubling for both sexes. And although it is a very common condition, it still remains somewhat of a taboo issue that is not often openly discussed, but more something that is “dealt” with.

Is my hair loss obvious? Am I able to cover it up? Is it genetic hair loss? Should I go to the doctor? Will this affect my personal life? Does it make me look older? Should I do something about it now?

So many questions begin to brew in a person’s mind who is beginning to see the initial stages of hair loss. In the beginning, depending on the person, the pattern of loss is more gradual and worsens over time. What also worsens with time is self-confidence and self-esteem. Dealing with hair loss for some seems like the “end of youth” and the end of desirability and vitality. The fear of getting older is very prevalent in people across all cultures, and the desire to stay looking young and vibrant is a shared feeling among many.

The Ability to Adapt

A study called the “Effects of self-perceived hair loss in a community sample of men” from 1998 showed that both men and women who were experiencing significant hair loss had much more negative perspectives of self-image compared to those only experiencing slight hair loss. And women, more than men, were not able to adapt to their hair loss as easily and often connected it with an emotional experience. And overall, across all age groups, men experiencing hair loss had much more negative perceptions of themselves.

The American Hair Loss Association states that women make up about 40% of hair loss sufferers, and yet the treatment options and conversation about female hair loss is still pretty hush hush, as the condition is more paired with a male experience. The effects of hair loss for women are different in that typically the hair loss is more all over the scalp, and the front of the hairline is usually unaffected. You can learn more about female hair loss at It’s a basic overview of why women lose their hair and how DHT plays a role in genetic female hair loss.


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