I’m female, 35, and lately I just feel like I am losing a lot of hair. It’s not necessarily coming out in clumps, but there is always 20 to 30 strands left behind in my shower, and then 20 more on my brush, pillows etc. Several months ago, I noticed the shedding had increased and that there was a small patch of thinning hair on the top of my head. There is another area on the side of the hairline that was starting to look bald. I was able to disguise both areas at first but then they became noticeable.

So what’s a girl to do? I went online to find a remedy for hair loss for women with thinning hair or female pattern hair loss. I wasn’t shocked to find that the majority of hair loss products were targeted towards men. Shopping for an answer I logged off feeling more lost than ever. I have tried countless over the counter and infomercial treatments but still continued to shed.


I’ve tried Murad professional scalp treatment serum, Toppik Hair Regrowth Treatment and Nioxin shampoo for hair loss. Nothing worked, and the problem worsened.

My dermatologists recommended that I try Revivogen MD. Revivogen shampoo is easy to use and a clinically proven hair loss solution. He also informed me that Revivogen MD was one of the best products for hair growth stimulation and preventing further hair loss. Revivogen promotes hair health and stimulates hair growth by blocking the hormone closely associated with thinning hair.

So I went to the site to see what products they had. I quickly discovered they had prettier bottled version of this magic potion called Revivogen Pro. Revivogen Pro offers the same results as Revivogen MD but also offered girl friendly options like the Revivogen Pro volumizing hair mask and dry shampoo. Not only did I start to see results after 2 weeks of using Revivogen Pro but it smells like Beyoncé’s career. Yeah, that good!

After using Revivogen Pro for 2 months my friends and family started commenting on and liking my Instagram posts showing my hair growth progress. My self-esteem was back along with my hair! It grew back thicker, fuller, and healthier. My embarrassing bald patches aren’t even noticeable anymore. If anything Revivogen Pro put my hair back on #Fleek!!

For all the ladies out there suffering from thinning or female pattern hair loss or can relate to my story…there is a REAL solution for you! Try Revivogen Pro. You can thank me later!


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