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Hairstyles for Thinning hair

In a perfect world, all men would be blessed with a full head of thick, healthy hair that stays put throughout their lives. Unfortunately, that group of men is incredibly small and most men will experience some type of hair loss in their lives- 85%, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

Not all men experience hair loss in the same way. There are generally three main categories you may fall in to: slightly thinning, very thin and balding. This can be caused by a few different factors, including high levels of DHT, a male sex hormone that inhibits hair growth. But no matter what category of hair loss you fall into, there are ways to style your hair that will keep you feeling confident. Here is a breakdown of what to do, (and what not to do) to get your best look.

Slightly Thinning and Very Thin

 If you’ve recently noticed your hair is looking thinner, or you’ve been there for a while, the first things you want to do are stop the thinning and create as much volume as possible. Start with a treatment hair serum, like Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Treatment, which assists with hair restoration. Use it with Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner to protect the hair you have left and help it appear thicker and fuller.

Next comes styling. When you are dealing with Hairstyles for thinning hair stick with a shorter cut, since longer hair will just make your remaining hair look thinner, and stay away from products that weigh your hair down. Instead, style with mattefying products that add volume like Aquage Transforming Paste.


Sorry guys, but if you have lost most of the hair on the top of your head, its time to throw in the towel, Hairstyles for thinning hair only works have you have thin hair not if your bald on top. No matter how thick and long the hair on the sides of your head grows, it is of no use to you- the comb over is not your friend and is not helping your look. In fact, it’s most likely it is drawing more attention to your baldness.

A better bet is to opt for a close-cropped cut or faded buzz cut and combine with well-manicured facial hair. This draws the attention away from your bald head and down toward your face.

When you’re ready to take that next step and buzz your hair, pick up the industry favorite, Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper– and get to it.

Once you take the plunge and embrace a shaved look, don’t overlook scalp care. If you’re showing of your bald head, you want to avoid scalp irritation and dandruff with the gentle cleansing of Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo. Finish your daily styling routine with a scalp sunscreen to prevent burns and skin damage, like Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion.

Dealing with any type of hair loss can be difficult. Luckily, there is a multitude of great ways to remedy it. For the latest in natural hair loss treatments, be sure to visit the Revivogen MD website. Our treatment options can help those suffering from hair loss due to high levels of DHT.