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Working hard, putting in those long hours, and producing quality work are all bound to help

 you move up the corporate ladder but several studies show that there is another factor that may affect your pay rate and career advancement, and you can’t control it. You guessed it – it’s hair loss!

Hair loss affecting income Seems unfair right? Still, 63% of men reported hair loss negatively affecting their career status and income potential, according to Business Insider. This is because, for men and women alike, the corporate world places a lot of emphasis on appearance, most likely because looks and confidence go hand in hand.

So what do you do about hair loss affecting your income? Well, you could spend $30,000 on a hair transplant procedure. You could just stay put in your current position making the same salary. Or you can use Revivogen MD to see thicker, fuller hair in as little as 90 days. Why let your career take a nose dive just when your headed for retirement.

Revivogen MD bio-cleansing shampoo, thickening conditioner, and scalp therapy serum work together to get you the results you want. It targets hair loss at the root by reducing DHT production and optimizing the hair production cycle using natural ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness.

When it comes to hair loss affecting your income The choice is yours: sit back and watch the other guy get the promotion, or you can get your confidence back with Revivogen MD and get the recognition you deserve.

– Team Revivogen