Revivogen was recently featured on KTLA 5 to highlight how it combats hair loss. Revivogen’s all natural ingredients are delivered down into the hair follicle to reverse the hair loss process. After three months of use, many users experience hair growth in areas that were previously thinning. The overall goal of the regimen is to deliver overall fullness to hair on the scalp.

More than 95% of hair loss cases are due to hormonal and genetic causes. Predisposition to hair loss is caused by overproduction of the hormone DHT. This particular hormone is a byproduct of testosterone. The enzyme 5ar converts testosterone to DHT. Revivogen works by reducing the production of DHT by blocking the activity of the enzyme. When the levels decrease, so do the detrimental effects they have on hair follicles. The concentrated ingredients of Revivogen are designed to be directed straight into the hair follicles.

Revivogen is great for genetically predisposed hair loss. It does not work for chemotherapy related hair loss, autoimmune related hair loss, or patchy hair loss.

The Revivogen regimen is as simple as applying a serum directly to the scalp every night. Even after hair grows back, it is important to continue using Revivogen . The serum can then be applied every other day to maintain the hair regrowth. A great way to maximize the benefits of Revivogen is to use the specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. Both are available on Revivogen’s online store.

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