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Hiding Hair Loss

Many guys that realize they are starting to lose their hair panic, and that can lead to drastic measures and not so great decision to try to hiding hair loss so they can keep there hair looking full. But we’ve got some tried and true tips to stay looking, and therefore feeling, great when those strands start to disappear.

Keep hair short

With the right, short cut, your hair should lie atop your head in a way that one group of hairs covers the next through a sort of feathering effect. The longer the hair gets, the more it could actually be drawing attention to your balding areas, because the hair starts to separate.

Volume is key

Work with what you have by making the most of the hair you do have left. Lightly gel and then use a round brush and blow-dryer to work some volume into your hair. Don’t be afraid to try different hair tools and products, and ask your hairdresser for some styling tips.

Facial hair

Lots of men distract from their balding head by growing facial hair. This trick can work wonders if done right. Try a beard or goatee that accentuates your facial features, not covers them up. And keep your facial hair neatly trimmed and natural looking.

Revivogen MD

While the above tricks may help distract from thinning hair, to actually obtain a denser, fuller version of your own hair, try Revivogen MD. The combination of natural ingredients is clinically proven to stimulate the hair follicles and promote thickening of the hair and reduced shedding, if you do use Revivogen you might not really need any tips for hiding hair loss.