I’m a middle-aged man, in my early 40’s, and still look pretty good except for one thing; my hair is thinning at the crown of my head and also at the hairline. I’m into health and don’t want to put any potentially harmful chemicals on my skin, plus I have heard horror stories about Propecia causing impotence and Rogaine causing the scalp to become red and irritated, so I searched “natural hair loss treatments” and came across Revivogen MD.

I ordered the three step treatment program, which includes a bio-cleansing shampoo, thickening conditioner, and scalp treatment. I decided to monitor my progress and let everyone know how this hair loss product stacked up, good or bad, because I know others are going through something similar and would want to know. So here is my review of Revivogen MD.

The website says that within the first 2-4 weeks, some users experience increased shedding. I noticed a little bit of this but not much so no a big deal. I was willing to stick it out to see if I ended up with thicker hair after a few months.

Within 60-90 days, Revivogen MD promises a reduction in shedding of existing hair and stimulation of the hair follicles resulting in thicker, fuller hair. I’m happy to say this was absolutely the case. At about 3 months, I noticed that the bald spot at the crown of my head wasn’t as noticeable, nor did my hairlineseem to be receding and further.

I’m now at about month 5 and I continue to use Revivogen MD about 4 days a week and I am very happy with the results. I definitely am showing off thicker, fuller hair reminding me of my younger self, and there were no side effects to report. This product certainly delivered on its promises and so I recommend anyone that is experiencing hair loss try it. I hope you find this review useful.

– Carlos T., Las Vegas, NV

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