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Stop Hair Loss

My dad’s hair is long gone. His hair started thinning around age 30 and because hair loss is hereditary, I knew it the same was in the cards for me. But I’m still young, not even 40, and I would like to stay looking that way. So when I started losing my hair, I knew I needed to do something about it fast and stop hair loss, unless I wanted to add a baseball cap to my daily wardrobe.

I’m a busy guy; long hours at work plus family life to keep up with. I didn’t have time to waste trying hair loss products that advertise they stop hair loss but don’t work so I went straight to my dermatologist and gave her my criteria:

  • It has to work- fast

  • It can’t have any of those crazy side effects that occur with other male hair loss products like Rogaine or Propecia (have to keep the wife happy)

  • It can’t contain any harmful chemicals

  • and i did not want to join Hair Club for Men or Bosley.

She recommended I try Revivogen MD, a natural, dermatologist-developed product that can stop hair loss and even help me regain the hair I’ve already lost. The process is super simple; I just was my hair in the morning with the Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, followed by the Revivogen Thickening Conditioner. At night I will apply the Revivogen signature hair thickening solution, the the Scalp Therapy Treatment before bed.

So far so good, my hair looks better than ever: thicker and fuller. It’s great to be able to just focus on living my life, my career and my beautiful wife and children instead of worrying about going bald. Thanks Revivogen MD, worth every penny!

Josh, San Diego, CA (guest blog entry)