The dermatologists behind Revivogen recently discussed hair loss with Central Valley Today host, Alex Delgado, on KSEE 24. Hair loss is a very common affliction. Around 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss in the United States.  The number of women experiencing hair loss has been under diagnosed as a result of different hair styles and hereditary excuses such as having fine hair. Common insecurities about hair loss include worrying about looking old and being judged by the opposite sex.

Revivogen client, Barry Rogers, began to notice his hair loss at the age of 29. He saw significant loss in his hairline and crown area. After seeing an ad in a fitness magazine for Revivogen, Barry was motivated to combat his thinning hair. He purchased Revivogen and began the all-natural regimen.  About three months into using Revivogen, Barry realized that he stopped losing hair. Barry still uses Revivogen’s shampoo, conditioner and serum daily. After his success with the product, Rogers’ was motivated to spread the word about his success.

Users experience the most success with Revivogen when they begin the regimen once they notice thinning hair. Most men begin using a hair growth product within five years from the onset of hair loss. The majority of users are ecstatic with the results they experience three months after using Revivogen . Maximum results come after using the product between a year to a year and a half.

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