It’s not easy to deal with thinning hair – but millions of people are experiencing thinning hair. Men and women can equally benefit from thinning hair styling tips to boost confidence and project thicker hair.

What causes thinning hair?

There are several factors that can cause thinning hair in men and women. Sometimes, it’s simply from genetics – other factors include stress, hormonal changes, dietary deficiencies and other health complications and diseases.

How to Style Thinning Hair

There are actually certain hairstyles that are better for someone experiencing thinning hair, according to Celebrity hair and makeup stylist Jim Crawford.

Tip #1: Blowdry hair without any brushes

Quickly blow dry the hair with your fingers, lifting at the root – don’t use any brushes when you blow dry. You want to get your hair mostly dry before applying any kind of styling product. This helps the hair absorb the product as much as possible – if it’s too wet still, the product you use will not be as effective.

Tip #2: Reach for the mousse

When choosing a styling product, reach for the mousse. Mousse is lightweight and won’t weigh the hair down. Stay away from gels, waxes, pastes and polishers – they will only weigh down the hair and make it greasy.

Tip #3: Finish the look

After you apply the mousse, grab the blow dryer again – at this point you can use a rounded brush on the ends to finish off the look.

Products to avoid:

If you have thinning hair, it’s important to stay away from gels or waxes as they only weigh the hair down even more, as well as any shiny hair mists or silicone sprays.

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