With any natural hair loss treatment, one of the more important environmental benefits is detecting the hair loss earlier rather than later. Hair loss prevention is a crucial part to stopping future hair loss, and natural hair loss treatment options are available and effective.

When the hair loss is detected earlier in age, the treatment options tend to be more effective than they would be at a much more advanced stage of hair loss. This is because once the hair loss gets to a point where the person is completely bald, the effective topical treatment options become less effective as options for a hair loss treatment. So why don’t people start a treatment earlier rather than later? Sometimes, it’s not as easy to tell that you are losing your hair if the loss is much more gradual. So the sufferer would not necessarily see a noticeable loss on a day to day basis – but would notice the hair loss over 6 months to a year. So it’s important to keep a close eye on your hairline to see if there is any noticeable difference from year to year. For men, the hairline changes as it begins to recede and push back farther, typically around the temple region, and there is also loss on the crown of the scalp as well. One way to check is to look back at a photo of yourself from a year ago and then compare that to the hairline you have today. Is there a noticeable difference in your hairline? If so, you could be losing your hair. Once you determine that there is noticeable hair loss, a natural hair loss treatment option like Revivogen is one route you could take to stopping future hair loss.

The Revivogen Scalp Therapy treatment is designed to stop hair loss at the root by targeting the production of DHT in the body from attacking the hair follicles that is causing the condition. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) attacks the hair follicles, cuts off the blood supply and forces the hairs to stay in the resting phase for a longer than normal amount of time.

Why a Natural Hair Loss Treatment?

Think of all the chemicals, dyes and toxic ingredients we put in and on our body every single day. A lot of the chemicals in cosmetic products are considered toxic chemicals, such as with antibacterials and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals are often times absorbed by our skin. Even the fragrances that we love so much in our shampoos, conditioners and lotions are considered toxic chemicals. Today more than ever in the past, we are becoming most conscious about what we are putting in our bodies – why should our products be any different? Here is a list of the toxic chemicals in cosmetics that are found in the products we use in our daily lives. If hair loss is a reality for you, a natural hair loss treatment really is the best option since it wouldn’t be adding any more chemicals to the body. And less chance of harmful reactions or side effects!

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