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Keratin Hair Fibers

Keratin Hair Fibers

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A quick and easy solution for covering up the signs of thinning hair and achieving a natural-looking fuller head of hair instantly.

Our Keratin microfibers are made from the same protein hair is made of and easily intertwines with existing hairs creating volume and total coverage that lasts all day and night and will not leak or dissolve when you sweat.

PRO TIP: apply a layer of hair spray over the hair fibers and they will become rain and sweat resistant with no clumping

If you have overall thinning hair or want to cover up a thin or bald spot, this product will be a game changer for you.

Available in 4 different colors to match most hair colors.

  • Made of Keratin protein
  • Creates the illusion of hair volume and thickness
  • Lasts all day and night
  • Will not dissolve or leak when you sweat
  • Plant based ingredients
  • Good for all hair types
  • Available in multiple colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown
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Customer Reviews

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Michele F.
Keratin Hair Fibers

I ordered light brown because I thought that blonde would be too light, but the light brown has a red tint to it that I don ‘t like. Please advise. Otherwise, I love the product. Great stuff!


Got these as a free sample but I will for sure be buying again soon! All this time I thought my choices were: wig or looking half bald. I can't beleive how good this looks!!!!!! A few shakes over my hair and some messing around with it and BOOM, I look like I have hair. It's so natural looking and it STICKS.