We all want to look our best and the hair on our heads is typically one of the easiest (and most affordable, compared to, say, plastic surgery) features to change for a fresh, new look. Allure recently gave their tips for hair updates that will actually make us look younger. Below are the styles you should avoid:

1. Wispy Bangs – Wispy or thin bangs will make you look older, Allure says. And if you have thinning hair, these can be the worst for your look.

Opt for: Sideswept bangs for a younger look, like Amy Poehler seen here.

2. Too many curls – Too many curls can actually make us look older, says Allure regarding the Shirley Temple look.

Opt for: A sleek, straight look like Nicole Kidman.

3. A dead-center part – A part going right down the middle of your scalp can sometimes age even the most youthful of celebrities.

Opt for: A deep, side part like Mena Suvari here

4. The bouffant – An overly-teased bouffant can make even Katherine Heigl look older.

Opt for: A side part with loose waves for an effortless updo.

5. Too dark hair – Making your hair hue too dark can age your face more than the sun. Well, not exactly … but it can bring out dark circles, etc – making even the youngest look aged.

Opt for: Hair color with depth, highlights and low lights is much more flattering for celebs like Jennifer Lawrence.

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